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Review of the male vibrating cock ring by called the Diamo, which is operated by an app

Lovense introduced the world's first wearable, external male sex toy Coupon Price: $99 US Dollars

Original Price: $199 US Dollars

Total Discount: 50%

Buy Diamo

- A vibrating cock ring that is appropriate for use in every given situation or setting.

- Ring has a smooth surface that is comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time and delays orgasms while also ensuring firmer and longer-lasting erections.

- Feelings of residual vibrations in the ring that serve to heighten the experience of both participants.

- The loudest reading was 46 decibels (dB).

- Strong motor that generates strong vibrations that are directed at the perineum.

- Multiple Wearing Positions: The versatility of this item makes it an excellent choice for solitary play, foreplay, couple's sex (as your partner will also feel the vibrations), and intense public play.

- An improved overall experience with each application

An Erection That Lasts Longer - Powerful Orgasms - An Improved Capacity for Sexual Activity

Comfortable and quiet, so you can go about your day while still benefiting from the intense vibrations that target your perineum, making it ideal for public play. Your ability to maintain control over your reactions will be your primary obstacle.

Multiple Operating Systems and Platforms Are Supported

iOS 11.0 and subsequent versions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Android versions later than 5.0 (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

The following items are contained within your Diamo Box

Vibrating Bluetooth® Cock Ring with Remote Control and USB Charging Cable,
User manual, Storage bag.

The Diamo is a silicone cock ring that is black in color and has a vibrator connected to one end of it.

When it comes to cock rings, though, it's not always a terrible thing to have a design that's on the simpler side. A male sex accessory that can be purchased separately is a welcome addition to the Lovense product lineup. After all, stimulus from the outside world may often be enjoyable.

Regarding the package, I won't bore you with too many details. At this time, it appears that the criteria for the firm has been worked out.

As I've noted in my most recent product evaluations, I'm pleased to see that they are now packaging all of their goods in satin drawstring bags and included them with the purchase. Since silicone is inherently (to varying degrees) a dust magnet, having a toy made of black silicone makes the dust and fuzzies all the more obvious. The fact that I have white fluffy blankets is also not helping the situation at all.

In a normal situation, I would begin by describing the primary function of the toy, which in this instance is the ring.

On the other hand, it would be beneficial to do things backwards this time... in this case, literally.

The vibrator is located in the section of the toy that I like to refer to as the "tongue," which is attached to the mouth. I am not familiar with the correct phrase, but "tongue" seems to fit the bill enough. The tips feature some pleasant nubs that offer an additional level of excitement. So, that's great to hear.

However, the electricity offers the best return on investment of all the components. Lovense always makes sure that their motors are tremendously powerful while yet being able to fit in a compact place. In addition, there are the electronic components and the Bluetooth guts included therein.

Two different user manuals, the bag it came in, a magnetic charging wire, and the cock ring are all contained therein.

The partner who experimented with it had a larger than usual waist circumference. As a direct consequence of this, he was not successful in passing his testicles through the ring. Despite this, the toy was able to remain in place without any difficulty at all.

I already know what your next statement is going to be: "Doesn't the ring stretch?"

Not at all; the ring part has very little slack in it at all. The fact that it is relatively hard silicone presents both an advantage and a drawback for us.

On the other hand, only males who are average or lower in size will be able to fit everything the whole way through. The guys of a larger stature will just have to make do with sitting on the shaft. What's the up side? The strong ring is able to draw the vibrations through in a very effective manner. As is the case with many vibrating cock rings, I anticipated a considerable amount of fall off on the side of the motor that was facing the other direction. However, the toy as a whole was really good at holding the waves.

However, I will admit that the toy's design and functionality took me by surprise in a very positive way. It is possible for it to be positioned on the body in one of four different ways: with the tongue curve touching the perineum, the upper-shaft base, the clit, or the anus (depending on how you wear it). I was quite pleased with the manner that it arced into the rear end opening. It was the perfect amount to provide excitement without making me feel as like something was attempting to push its way into my derriere.

There is one event that I just cannot speak about from personal experience.

It seems that you may wear Diamo (hands-free) under your pants while you go about your day. This is something that ought to be possible with any and all cock rings, but because of the stiff ring, I'm not entirely sure how it would work in practice. In the future, I will most surely make an effort to solicit people's opinions on this topic.

What Diamo is useful for:

Are you someone who uses rings and is interested in trying something new?
Choose items that provide stimulation from the outside rather than from within.
Are you a collector of toys who also happens to be flush with cash?
You have a long-distance relationship, you enjoy public play, and you are seeking for something exciting to do.
Have fun with your strong toys.

If you have no previous experience with cock rings, I would advise against doing this. Test out some less expensive models (with a range of stiffnesses) to determine where you are most comfortable and whether or not Diamo will be a good option for you.

To turn Diamo on or off, press the ON/OFF button firmly and continue to hold it down for three to five seconds. When turned on, there will be a brief vibration lasting one second.

Before beginning the charging process, ensure that the device is turned off. To begin the charging process, the cable may be inserted into any available USB port or USB/AC power converter. The device will be completely charged when around 70 minutes have passed. During the charging process, the indication light will remain lit. When it has reached its maximum capacity, the constant red light will go out. You may check the battery indicator inside the app if you are unclear as to whether or not it has been completely charged.

Because it is a magnetic charger, it will only function properly if it is positioned in the appropriate manner. If you are attempting to charge your device and a solid red light does not turn on, you will need to spin the charging cord through 180 degrees. DO NOT PLAY WITH THE TOY WHILE IT IS BEING CHARGED.

Regarding the maintenance and cleaning of your Lovense Diamo:

Please ensure that your gadget is cleaned both before and after each usage.
Wash with lukewarm water and a little bit of gentle soap (or a sex toy cleaner).
Before putting it away, make sure it's completely dry.
Avoid exposure to temperatures that are very hot or cold. You should try to remember to give your toy a charge at least once every six months.

Lubricant: If you want to prevent any problems, you should only use lubrication that is water-based. DO NOT make use of lubricants that are based on silicone or oil. Apply a good amount of lubrication to both the product and yourself before beginning the insertion process. Lubricant that is water-based has the potential to dry out, so you should reapply it as necessary. For the smoothest and most enjoyable encounter, we advise going with the Lovense Water-Based Lubricant.

Advice on How to Use Your Diamo Cock Ring

Put the toy on before you allow yourself to become aroused. After each testicle has been successfully inserted, the penis may be threaded through the ring with caution.

It is recommended that a ring not be worn for longer than half an hour at a time in order to avoid causing injury or bruising to the penis.

If at any moment the wearer has pain or if they notice that their genitalia are feeling chilly, the ring should be removed as quickly as possible.

Please see your physician before attempting to use a cock ring if you have erectile dysfunction, a blood clotting condition, any peripheral vascular or nerve illness, or if you are currently taking any medicine that thins the blood.

Change the highest vibration setting on your toy with the accompanying app to muffle its noise while you're in a peaceful setting.

You have the ability to customize the low, medium, and high settings to meet your requirements.

As soon as you enter the programming mode in our app, Diamo will allow you to save up to ten different patterns that you have created.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Mac

1. To turn on Diamo, turn the toy on by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button. When turned on and ready to pair, it will signal this with a flashing light.
2. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.
3. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button once you have located the item. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. The toy that you have can now be controlled using your smartphone.

Connect Your Diamo with PC

1. To turn on Diamo, turn the toy on by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button. When turned on, a blinking light will show that it is active.
2. Locate an open USB port on your computer and plug the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter into it.
3. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.
4. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button after the item has been located. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. Your personal computer now has the capability of controlling your toy.

Instructions for Programming a Diamo Cock Ring

1. After you have successfully paired Diamo with your phone, navigate to the My Toys area and touch on the Diamo panel there.
2. To view the available programming options, press the "Program" button.
3. To make changes to the first three levels, tap the "Adjust Levels" button.
4. To load a predefined pattern into Diamo, tap the "Create New Pattern" button.


Diamo perfect ring for your penis to achieve harder and longer-lasting erections along with delayed orgasms

The perfect ring for your penis to achieve harder and longer-lasting erections along with delayed orgasms

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