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Men love to masturbate; Lovense Gush just makes the experience better

This review is about Lovense Gush which is a handsfree (yes you read it right) glans massager, or in other words, a male-masturbation sex toy.

Nobody wants to accept it publicly (some might do even in front of a camera), but each and everyone of us, rubs one out, at least once a week. But, if you're a horny college-goer running wild, who knows may be even once every few hours.

In fact, I'm whacking my wand, while I'm writing this. LOL. I kid.

Right, if you are someone who loves to masturbate, and also loves technology, then I'd highly recommend checking out Lovense Gush, which is a state-of-the-art glans massager sold online by a popular sex-toy maker, Lovense.

Lovense Gush's original price is $119 US Dollars, but costs $99 to buy after a 50% discount coupon code is applied by the Lovense Online Store.

Here's what it is all about:

What is Lovense Gush?

Buy Lovense Gush

Lovense Gush is a modern male-masturbation sex toy manufactured and sold online by Lovense. It's a glans massager.

What is meant by Glans?

The rounded tip or head of the penis is called Glans.

What is so unique about Lovense Gush?

Lovense Gush is unique in a sense that there isn't any other penis or glans massager available online that is flexible and also handsfree.

Is it true that Lovense Gush is handsfree?

Yup, absolutely. Lovense Gush does not require your hands to hold it for it to work. It will move up and down your penis shaft on its own.

Can I use Lovense Gush, if I don't want to use the handsfree function?

Yes, Lovense Gush can be used with hands also. You can stroke your penis using your own hands after setting the desired vibration levels.

Does Lovense Gush fit any penis size?

Yes. Lovense Gush is a highly flexible glans massager that can fit the penis of any size. At least this is what Lovense claims.

Does Lovense Gush come with a band?

Yes, Lovense does sell a band along with the Gush massager for added stiffness and pleasure.

Is Lovense Gush waterproof?

Yes. Lovense Gush is waterproof. In fact, all Lovense sex toys are 100% waterproof.

Is Lovense Gush small in size? Can I carry it with me, while I am traveling?

Yes, Lovense Gush is small, clean and very lightweight. You can safely carry it with you while traveling.

How many vibrating patterns does Lovense Gush have?

Lovense Gush has up to 10 built-in vibrations. You can even make your own patterns using the Lovense app. Users can set unlimited vibration patterns, sync them to music, activate vibrations through sounds, or simply choose a preset vibrating pattern.

Can I use Lovense Gush with the help of my smartphone?

Yes. All features can be activated through Lovense app or the Lovense desktop software. It is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 10.0 and later, Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled), Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled) and Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect).

What is included in the Lovense Gush shipping package?

It includes Bluetooth Glans Massager, Optional Band, Storage Bag, USB Charging Cable, User Manual and a Quick Setup Guide.

Are there any authentic reviews or testimonials available for Lovense Gush?

Yes, here are three reviews submitted by real users of Lovense Gush:

This is a terrific toy! It got me off (with a little help) and will most likely be my most frequently used Lovense toy in the future. - Lovense Gush User

The sensations were incredible! Once I located the right location, I was able to have a hands-free orgasm. I enjoy pressure and stroking, so I was astounded that I could orgasm hands-free. It did take some time for me to locate my spot or have an orgasm. I was able to orgasm and enjoy it after I discovered it! - Lovense Gush User

First and foremost, the toy is and feels fantastic! I adore this toy and am pleased to have had the opportunity to test it and add it to my collection! - Lovense Gush User

No matter what size you are, this compact, stretchable vibrating massager will always make your glans feel heavenly. It's time to get ‘him’ one.



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Shilat Cohen

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